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If you already live in an interconnected home...

If you live in a dwelling that is already interconnected with pre-existing smoke alarms and you just want a low frequency device installed in your bedroom, consider the Loudenlow Model IC-1.   It interfaces with FireX™ systems (or any system using the "+9VDC on Orange wire" signal), has battery backup, and generates a powerful, low frequency (around Middle C) whenever a fire anywhere in the house sets off the smoke alarm system.

The IC-1 generally requires professional installation since it will be ceiling mounted and some basic AC wiring is involved.   A handy do-it-yourselfer could also install it in about an hour.

We are not yet advertising the IC-1 on the Shopping Cart page.   The price is comparable to prices you see on that page.   Anyone interested should use the contact page and let us know.   We'll provide you more details, pricing, specs and install information.

Note: There is a waiting list for this new item.   If you want to get on our waiting list for this device, be sure to make a note of that in your email and provide your full name and number.   We will do everything we can to accomodate you.   We know this is an important safety addition to your home.  

Thank you!

Since 1993 the NFPA has required all new homes to have AC connected, or "hardwired interconnected" smoke alarms.   They provide a great advantage in that a fire detected in one part of the house sounds smoke alarms in all rooms of the house.   Thus a family can be alerted to a fire much faster in many circumstances.

The sleeping areas are the most important rooms in the house regarding fire protection.   In fatal fires, people sleeping, and never waking, is one of the leading reasons for preventable loss of life.  

Frequency Friendly
About 250Hz - around "Middle C".   Easier to hear than store-bought alarms.  Listen now
Considerably louder than regular alarms.   Uses 6 inch speaker.
Easy To Install
Mounts to any wall with one screw.
No Wiring
    Fully battery powered.   6 "AA"s generate over 1,000 milliamps
Reasonably priced
Less than many comparable products.   See the order page for current specials.
Easy to order
Order online or via mail by check, money order or credit card.

30 day return policy.
3 year limited warranty.