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For High Frequency Loss and Deep Sleepers
Can't hear smoke detectors at night without hearing aids? This smoke alarm is the answer.   Doctor recommended.

Test the Loudenlow using your computer speakers


Loudenlow Model 1000 (Middle C)     Near Middle C

Loudenlow Model 520

Don't have computer speakers? Call our free 800 number to hear a pre-recorded sample of the Loudenlow Middle C over your phone.   Call 1-800-525-6101814.   (Recording only.)

If you like we will mail you at no charge an audio CD with samples of the Loudenlow sound.   You can play the CD in your home stereo.   This may help you to determine if the Loudenlow will work for you.  

The Loudenlow Original makes a lower frequency tone which is much easier for many people to hear.   The pitch is around Middle C (250Hz) and carries throughout a house better.

The Loudenlow Model 520 generates a 520 Hz Square Wave signal via a T-3 pattern -- this has been shown effective for waking hard of hearing people by the latest expert research.

Read what some customers have said.

Frequency Friendly
About 250Hz - around "Middle C".   Easier to hear than store-bought alarms.  Listen now
Considerably louder than regular alarms.   Uses 6 inch speaker.
Easy To Install
Mounts to any wall with one screw.
No Wiring
    Fully battery powered.   6 "AA"s generate over 1,000 milliamps
Reasonably priced
Less than many comparable products.   See the order page for current specials.
Easy to order
Order online or via mail by check, money order or credit card.

30 day return policy.
3 year limited warranty.