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For High Frequency Loss and Deep Sleepers
"When 9 volt battery alarms aren't enough."


Have a question?   Take a look at these Q&A's below.   Don't hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions.   Thank you.

Common Questions and Answers...

Is the Loudenlow battery powered?
Yes, the Loudenlow operates on six (6) AA batteries such as "Duracell".

Does it have a battery backup?
The Loudenlow operates on six AA batteries and is "always on" and therefore does not require battery backup. Even if the power in your house goes out the Loudenlow will still function.

Does it operate on 120VAC?
No, the Loudenlow only requires batteries to generate a powerful, low frequency alarm tone.

How do I install the Loudenlow?
Simply put batteries in it and hang it on a wall like a picture frame. No expert installation of any kind is required.

How do I know if I'll be able to hear the Loudenlow?
If your computer has speakers you can listen to a sample of the Loudenlow's alarm tone with your computer at our web site. We also suggest that you compare that sound with the "typical alarm tone" also available on our web site. If your computer does not have speakers and you would like to hear a sample sound contact us. The Loudenlow generates a frequency of about 250 Hz (this is near Middle C). You may elect to check with your audiologist to determine if you can hear this frequency.

Does it work with other smoke alarms?
No, the Loudenlow works independently. That is, it does not plug into or connect with any other type of device.

Where should I mount a Loudenlow?
Fire departments recommend that smoke alarms be placed near a sleeping area in a hallway to be sure to wake you up. If you sleep with your door closed you should install a second smoke alarm inside your bedroom for maximum safety.

Does the Loudenlow connect to a phone and/or call the fire department?
No, the Loudenlow works just like a regular (store bought) smoke alarm. It is battery powered and acts independently from other devices.

Why is the cost higher than regular, high pitched smoke alarms?
The Loudenlow requires a large (6 inch) speaker and stout amplifier to generate a powerful sound at the lower frequency. Lower frequencies require more power and speaker surface area to generate loud sounds. The large speaker and metal chassis which houses the Loudenlow (6.5" x 8" x 2" and almost 3 pounds) costs more than the small, cheap, plastic units available at Wal-mart, etc. which only generate high frequencies. Also, because we are a small company our volume is small and we cannot, at this time, offer a "mass production" price. All units are hand-built by skilled labor and inspected before shipping.

Does it have a Low Battery Alert?
Yes, just as with store bought alarms the Loudenlow makes a short "beep" (at low frequency) every 30 seconds when the batteries get weak.

How long do batteries last?
Batteries should last a year or more. We strongly recommend using premium "alkaline" batteries such as Duracell or Energizer. You should test your batteries (and your ability to hear the alarm clearly) once a week.

Does it have a strobe light or a vibrate function?
No, the Loudenlow makes a powerful, low frequency audible alarm but does not flash or vibrate. It is intended for those people who have moderate hearing loss (or high frequency hearing loss) who are able to hear some sounds but who are unable to hear high pitched noises. The Loudenlow offers a way to attain the safety of having a working smoke alarm without having to install or wire special listening aids. It is simple to operate and has been shown to be effective for high frequency loss.

Frequency Friendly
About 250Hz - around "Middle C".   Easier to hear than store-bought alarms.  Listen now
Considerably louder than regular alarms.   Uses 6 inch speaker.
Easy To Install
Mounts to any wall with one screw.
No Wiring
    Fully battery powered.   6 "AA"s generate over 1,000 milliamps
Reasonably priced
Less than many comparable products.   See the order page for current specials.
Easy to order
Order online or via mail by check, money order or credit card.

30 day return policy.
3 year limited warranty.