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For High Frequency Loss and Deep Sleepers
"When 9 volt battery alarms aren't enough."

Dog friendly / pet friendly smoke alarms available.
Low frequency sound is more gentle. Doesn't make the high, shrill tone that upsets so many pets.

Our Loudenlow low frequency smoke detectors were first developed for people with high frequency hearing loss (still our primary customers). The alarms are low pitch (around Middle C, 262Hz on your piano, for example) and therefore don't generate such a shrill high pitch shreeking sound. Several customers have reported to us that they purchased the smoke alarm specifically for their dog, cat, or other pet because smoke alarms and even the low battery chirps were terrifying or upsetting their pets profoundly, and indicated that the Loudenlow alarm was much more gentle for the pets so they have continued to use them.

If your dog is frightened by smoke detectors you might give ours a try. Bear in mind it is still a powerful sound as it is a fire alerting device. We ask that you use the online sound samples on this site to test your pet's response as best you can. Purchase if you feel the Loudenlow might work for you and your pets. You may return it for full refund if you find it doesn't work out. We have found that most customers have had very good success with the gentler lower pitch sound.

Sound link (Caution, some of the samples contain high pitch alarm sounds for comparison purposes.)

I'm a believer in your product

It saves lives. Many more lives will be saved when you find a way to make more people aware of it... I've told many people about it. The fact that children and hearing impaired older people often do not respond to a regular detector. Thanks for the great service.

I hope to buy a couple more soon for my two daughters homes. "

Flynn Stella

Dear Matt, There is some more information you should know about our Loudenlow. You may use this information as a testimonial to the Loudenlow. When we had a fire on the stove in the kitchen... the Loudenlow in the basement alerted us to the fire and saved our lives and also most of the house.

Thank you,

Jane Singer.

"Thank you so much... We gave my Dad the smoke alarm for his birthday and when he put the last battery into the machine, he jumped. He actually heard it. I am so thrilled. I pray he never needs it, but it sure is comforting to know he has it. You are certainly welcome to use my words and I am letting other people know about you. I carry your email address in my wallet to share with others that may be interested."

Anne MacKinnon

"I received the smoke alarm and I can't believe that this is the first alarm my Mom can hear! I couldn't believe it! This is so great!! Thanks so much! You certainly may use my comments for the product on the website. I believe it will help a lot of people with hearing loss problems."

Pam Franschman

"Thank you again for the such a speedy response.... I am really impressed with the alarm. Just the idea that my Dad can hear it and knowing it may help him one day is such a great relief to me. With him living in an apartment with alot of other people living in the same building, it is not just him that could get careless once."
-Robert C.

"My mother can hear it clear as a bell. It's a great product, and fills a needed niche given the great number of elderly with this type of hearing loss. The company was a pleasure to deal with both during the production problems, and again later when this was available. I highly recommend this product!"

Marc S.

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to let you know that my patient is very pleased with his
smoke alarm. He stopped by our clinic today just to tell me that. He noted

he would be more than happy to provide a testimonial if you ever need one.
I thought you'd like to hear that. And if you could please let me know
when your CO detectors are ready, I'd appreciate it.”

Barbara Lemley, MD.

I need the model 1000 that has the lower frequency. I would be more than happy to spread the word about your product...

Having a smoke detector that I can hear without my hearing aids at an affordable price is really all that I am looking for.

I love the sound of this smoke detector. I have a high frequency hearing loss and a 65% loss in both ears. I have 4 smoke detectors now and I cannot hear them when I remove my hearing aids at bedtime. We lost our home to a fire in 1988 so not being able to hear the smoke detector is very troubling for me. I tried to explain to my daughter that she needs to wake me up if the alarm goes off and it really scared her....

Please send me flyers or such to distribute to fire departments, hearing aid centers, etc.

Your product is a big deal as you can by cheaper smoke detectors but if you are unable to hear them when you are sleeping what good are they?

Thanks again”

Judy R.

Matt Darrow,

You are truly a blessing. You kept your word, and that in itself will
prosper your company. We received the unit today, put the
batteries in, works great, and our client will be safer.

Again thank-you on behalf of CFCCAA, our director Pat Williams and of
Course myself.

McLain Davis, Jr.
Program Administrative Coordinator

Thank you for your wonderful attention to detail & your prompt response(s).”

Charles Rhodes

Hi Matt,
I received the second loudenlow smoke alarm today - thank you so much for getting it to me.
Again, thanks for responding so quickly and working so hard to get me your product. I really appreciate the won
derful service.”

Betty Carbone

Thanks Matt. We'll keep you posted on our end. We are certainly getting personal service!

We've hung and tested the alarm. It looks to be working well. I've already recommended it to a friend for her mom! I've just written the check, but with holiday weekend, it will take a couple extra days to reach you.

Best regards,
Kathy J.

I purchased the original alarm per your suggestion and wanted to check with you to see if it would be ok for us to print out info on the unit you have for the severe hearing impaired so that we can provide this to the fire fighters?

Thank you for all your help and we look forward to working with you in the future you have an awesome product and I will display it in our office.
Tina A – Hearing Loss Support Specialist, Audiologist Associates, Inc.

Hi ,

I have just been speaking with Professor Dorothy Bruck from Victoria University and she has recommended that I contact you.

I am writing to you in regards to your exciting products on behalf of Russell Goodrick at MRG International and Channel 9. We are currently working on our next production which is focusing on the latest Gadgets and Gizmos.

I think that you have a great range of modern time products and would love to offer you an opportunity to be part of our next edition. This particular show is scheduled to air on Channel 9 Perth on Saturday 29th March at 3.30 pm ... We are also with 9 Adelaide and other stations.

Jess Bonacchi
Segment Producer, MRG International - Channel 9 Studios

Great! Thanks a lot for everything.....I think your Loudenlow should be in a lot more households. There are many of us who would never hear a regular high pitched sound.

I want to tell you that we not only received your replacement of the Loudenlow. but your check covering the shipping, packing and handling. I thank you very much as you, as well as the Loudenlow is very much appreciated.


Jane S”

Mr. Darrow.
I would like to thank you for your help. I would like to purchase two of your battery opperated smoke alarms....small price to pay for smoke alarms that me and my wife can hear that might save our lives...
Once again thanks Darrell
PS. our local fire department are the ones that gave us your info. “

Darrell S.

Mr. Darrow,

Many Thanks to you for your swift reply and willingness to ship the unit before you have received payment. I don't know how large your business is, but with this kind of attention to customer service I am sure it will continue to grow.

Will O.



Frequency Friendly
About 250Hz - around "Middle C".   Easier to hear than store-bought alarms.  Listen now
Considerably louder than regular alarms.   Uses 6 inch speaker.
Easy To Install
Mounts to any wall with one screw.
No Wiring
    Fully battery powered.   6 "AA"s generate over 1,000 milliamps
Reasonably priced
Less than many comparable products.   See the order page for current specials.
Easy to order
Order online or via mail by check, money order or credit card.

30 day return policy.
3 year limited warranty.