Dear Abby article from 2001 discussing need for better smoke alarms...


Not everyone can hear pitch
of smoke alarm

DEAR ABBY: I recently installed two smoke alarms in my home with

the help of an elderly gentleman friend. When the job was done,

I pushed the test button and the sound nearly knocked me off my


My friend didn't bat an eye. When I asked him if he had heard

it, his response was, "Heard what?" I asked him to put his ear

next to the alarm and pushed the button again with the same

result. I knew he couldn't hear high-pitched sounds like the

singing of birds, but the alarm was so sharp I couldn't believe

he didn't hear it.

I called the 800-number on the brochure and was told the

alarms are manufactured with only one pitch!

Are people with this condition expected to remain at risk
should fire erupt in their home because no one makes an alarm
attuned to their disability?

It would seem like a simple adjustment to

make alarms with a lower pitch audible to everyone. -- Concerned

Reader, Newport, VT.

DEAR CONCERNED READER: Surely some enterprising manufacturer

will see the wisdom of producing a smoke alarm with an

adjustable tone that would make it audible to almost everyone.


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